Independent Contractor Agreement


Parties to the Agreement

SuperTrader Markets AND You (the Independent Contractor)


Role of Contractor

The Contractor’s role is to introduce clients to SuperTrader Markets.



The Contractor shall be paid for a commission is respect of number of “trading lots” traded by each client referred by the Contractor. The Contractor shall be entitled to the fees stated in Appendix 1 of this agreement.



  • The Contractor has no authority to represent SuperTrader Markets.
  • The Contractor has no authority to bind SuperTrader Markets to any obligations, agreements and commitments.



Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to create an employer and employee relationship, partnership or joint venture.


Contractor’s Responsibility

  • The Contractor must comply with SuperTrader Markets’s codes of practice , systems, polices and procedures and any reasonable direction as may be notified from time to time.
  • The Contractor shall not give any form of financial advice.
  • The Contractor shall not perform any form of financial service.
  • The Contractor shall not make any false claims, representations or distribute any false information or advertisements regarding the products and services of SuperTrader Markets.
  • The Contractor shall work in the best interest of SuperTrader Markets.
  • The Contractor shall not distribute or issue any advertisements, claims, materials, literature or information in the name of SuperTrader Markets without the permission.
  • Any Materials, information or property given to Contractor shall be the property of SuperTrader Markets and Contractor has no claims to these.
  • Any facilities or equipment offered to Contractor by SuperTrader Markets to use is the property of SuperTrader Markets and Contractor has no claims to these.
  • The Contractor shall inform the customer that he is not an employee of SuperTrader Markets.
  • The Contractor shall not receive any customer’s funds or trade on behalf of the customer. The Contractor shall not receive or transfer funds on behalf of customer. The Contractor must inform the customer that all funds are to be transferred to SuperTrader Markets directly and will be transferred from SuperTrader Markets directly.
  • The Contractor shall not convey or offer to customers in any way that SuperTrader Markets or Contractor will guarantee the customer against any losses.
  • The Contractor shall treat with care, not abuse and treat in the appropriate manner and in full compliance, any facilities and equipment that may be offered to Contractor for use.
  • The Contractor shall not engage in any activity that may be detrimental to the business of SuperTrader Markets. This includes but is not limited to preventing any person from being a client of SuperTrader Markets, encouraging a customer to close an account with SuperTrader Markets or referring a customer to a competitor.


Right to Reject or Terminate Account

SuperTrader Markets shall have the right to reject or terminate any customer’s account introduced by Contractor at SuperTrader Markets’s sold discretion without reason or notice.


Ownership of Customer

  • The customer’s account shall be owned by SuperTrader Markets. SuperTrader Markets shall have all the rights to communicate with the customer directly and to change its terms of trade with the customer.
  • All information about the customer and the customer’s transaction are the property of SuperTrader Markets and Contractor shall have no claims to these.



The Contractor shall not disclose to anyone information regarding the customer, SuperTrader Markets’ business and the contents of this Agreement without the explicit permission of SuperTrader Markets. This confidentiality requirement shall survive the termination of this Agreement indefinitely.


Fees incurred

All fees incurred by the Contractor shall be paid by the Contractor unless agreed by SuperTrader Markets prior to the incurrence of the fees.



  • Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving 10 working days’ written notice without the need to give reason.
  • This Agreement shall cease to be in effect if there is any violation of the Contractor’s responsibilities and the terms, conditions and requirements of this Agreement.
  • The Contractor shall not, for a period of 6 months after the termination of this Agreement, solicit business from any client of SuperTrader Markets, work for a competitor of SuperTrader Markets or divert business away from SuperTrader Markets.
  • The Contractor shall not, for a period of 6 months after the termination of this Agreement, employ and employee of SuperTrader Markets, cause any employee of SuperTrader Markets to cease employment with SuperTrader Markets or cause any affiliate or any party with a business relationship with SuperTrader Markets to cease or terminate their relationship with SuperTrader Markets.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent or restrict SuperTrader Markets from dealing with prospective customers referred by Contractor after termination.
  • Termination shall not affect the rights and remedies or the continuance of any provisions in this Agreement which is expressively or by implication intended to survive the termination.


Governing Law

The governing law for this Agreement shall be that of the laws of Vanuatu. Any legal proceedings shall be heard in the city of Port Vila, Vanuatu.