IB Program

Became the IB of SuperTrader Markets

Became the IB

SuperTrader Markets is the industry’s leading forex broker and the IB (Introductory broker) program offers long-term, stable partnerships to help you continue to enjoy returns when bringing in new clients. SuperTrader Markets customizes special solutions to meet your needs through its professional broker marketing team.

Advantages of IB agency

As an IB agent for SuperTrader Markets, in addition to generous returns and excellent customer service, you will be supported by market leaders by working with a leading, recognized and trusted brand.

We deliver transparent services to all IB clients through the IB website, you can gain a integral and customizable report that allows you to track rebates and view clients’ trading information.

Become a SuperTrader Markets IB agent and enjoy our abundant rebates and top level services.

We will provide credible services to your clients

When a referral broker introduce a client to SuperTrader Markets, we will handle everything from opening an account to securing funds, so you may commit yourself onto introducing new clients to get more rebates.

Also, you can inform your clients that they are trading with a regulated and leading broker. In the mean time, all of the clients funds are placed into individual trusted accounts to make the clients reassured.

Through joining our IB program provide your clients with the extrodinary experience of SuperTrader Markets’ services.

Join Us

Become our IB partners and share the market economy!


Introduce a trader

Introduce traders to our platform and use our backstage made specificilly for IB to monitor market trades and profits.


Close out and get rebates

When your clients close out a trade, you will gain a large rebate