Club Introduction

Become our member

Become our member

The SuperTrader Market club is a large online training and information exchange platform tailored for the investors, it is a multifunctional platform combining one on one guidance, daily market review and online courses.

You will gain:

  • Free daily trading review
  • Free market indicator(Includes one on one tutorial)
  • Online course every Wednesday and Friday
  • Lowers the funding threshold when upgrading into ECN account
  • Hierarchical personal trading rewards

Instructor's Information

Huanyu Qu — SuperTrader Markets Online Chief Analyst

With 12 years of experience in marketing, Huanyu Qu frequently makes appearances on FX110’s top 10 ladder board and has made a earnings record of 313% in crude oil trading in a month. Huanyu Qu’s analysis reports has been posted on ICBC and China Merchants Bank’s websites several times and is highly praised by colleagues in the industry.

As the Chief analyst and education director of the SuperTrader Markets club, Huanyu Qu will personally develop and teach lessons and will answer any question traders have on the market.