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Brief introduction to our trading course

The foreign exchange market is the largest trading market globally, a daily transactions of 5 trillion U.S. dollars perserves the fairness of this market and your level of knowledge and familiarity decides whether you gain a profit or a loss.Through our course, you will understand how we can profit from market opportunities, and also why many have losses exceeding profits. Some of the things you will learn in this course are: How experienced traders flexiblely utilise leveraged deals; unlimited short-selling; 24 hours trading time and the unpredictable market.

SuperTrader club’s trading course is a customized, individual and multi-directional education program which covers market analysis, trading strategy, index application, risk management and everything about trading psychology.

Joining the club is completely free as only your trader account is required. But due to high demand, we have limited quotas, so we urge you to join ASAP.