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Trading Account

Professional client manager

Our goal is to fulfill all of the client’s needs in a timely manner. Every professional client manager can provide you with any help you need and contact you through your perferred way of communication, either on the phone, through email or any other ways.

* All accounts of SuperTrader Markets are under STP model.

CEN dedicated link provides topspeed trade processing

SuperTrader Markets has deployed CEN dedicated servers to ensure trader’s every transaction can be performed at top speed.

* Whether you are a swing trader, speculative trader, you will be surprised of our SuperTrader Markets' top speed processing of transactions.

SuperTrader Markets provides clients with 400:1 leverages

Experienced foreign exchange traders knows the importantce of utilising leverages. Enjoy the larger trading scale and perform more effective risk management.

In the hand of wise traders, leverage will grant them great outcomes.